Category Testing

In Ontario, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority requires that every elevator be subject to varying levels of safety tests in 1 and 5 year intervals. Failure to have these tests completed on time and regularly can result in your device being shut down for public safety.

While the chance of a catastrophic accident occurring involving your elevator is rare, it is possible. These tests frequently find deficiencies in elevator safety components that could have resulted in a failure when needed most.

At Pace Elevator we are dedicated to performing these tests, as well as any necessary adjustments required, to the highest standard. We offer fair rates and flexible timelines to have the smallest impact possible on your day to day service. 

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FEO Testing

Fire recall and firefighters operation are required to be tested and signed off at least once a year by code. With technicians available 24/7 we are there for you to perform these tests at off times. This saves you and your tenants  from having your elevator service interrupted during peak office hours.

For as low as $200, Pace Elevator will accommodate FEO testing as is required to customer satisfaction.

Scope of Testing

Give customers a reason to do business with you. 

We at Pace Elevator are licensed and qualified to perform safety testing on all types of elevating devices. Traction, hydraulic,  MRL, freight elevators Type A - C.

​We also cover escalators and moving walks, as well as handicap lifts and LULA.