Freight Elevators

Pace Elevator has significant experience  installing, modernizing and maintaining a wide assortment of freight elevators, both standard and custom designs 

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Traction and Hydraulic Freight Elevators

Pace Elevator installs, modernizes and maintains freight elevators of all sizes and types. 

Freight elevators are ideal when a heavy lifting capacity and high volume are required to move materials from floor to floor.

Dumbwaiters and Material Lifts

Dumbwaiters are a great means of transporting smaller volume of freight between floors and only take up minimal space within your building. We offer both residential models for homes, as well as commercial ones ideal for restaurants, hotels, etc.

Material Lifts offer a solution for getting unmanned loads of freight between levels in industrial settings. We offer material lifts to run from floor to floor as well as mezzanines.