Our Services

Preventative Maintenance


Pace Elevator provides preventative elevator and escalator maintenance, placing customer service as the utmost priority. Our dedicated mechanics strive to work to your specific schedule and needs, to perform their tasks to the highest standard and to minimize down time and disruption of service.  

‚ÄčOur toll free emergency line is open 24/7, dispatching mechanics immediately to be on site within 45 minutes*. All our vehicles are stocked with locally sourced parts, so repairs begin right away.

Repairs and Directives


We are available to handle any contract repairs or tssa directives that you require to keep your elevator running safe and up to current codes and standards. Door restrictors and car top railings, hydraulic cylinder replacements, toe guard extensions and more!   



Over the course of your elevator's lifespan, it will make millions of trips up and down your building. As to be  expected, moving parts wear out, electronics become obsolete, and full or partial refurbishment is required.

Pace Elevator offers a wide variety of non proprietary solutions to bring your elevators up to date.

Cab and Fixture Renovation


Some times all your elevator needs is a little TLC and a make over to bring it back up to your standards. Pace Elevator is happy to take care of as little as replacing a call button or a broken mirror, or a full renovation of the interior and/or exterior of your elevator.  

Flood and Fire Damage


In the event of an unforeseen disaster, Pace Elevator is there for you to assess and repair any damages. Corroded pit steel, rusted ropes, damaged electronics, pumps or motors can all leave you with an unsafe and non functional elevator, but we at Pace guarantee to get you back up and running with minimal down time. Available for tender.